Wednesday-  September 28

Lewis Theater, Lewisburg WV

(Admission is Free)

7:00:                @Rockstars (Student Short) 30 min

  @Pocahontas County Children (Documentary Short) : 24

8:00                 @Creature From The Back-Lit Room (Animation)

Wild Things (Animation)

@Cordially, Georgia O’Keeffe (Short Film)

8:30               @A Chrome Horse And a Diplomat (Short Film)

Black Damp

            Thursday – September 29

Landmark Studio For The Arts, Sutton WV

7:00                 @*Romeo Must Hang (Documentary Feature)

9:00                 @#Night Of The Hunter (Feature)

   @Portrait of Bombay (Documentary Short)

Friday – September 30

Elk Theater, Sutton WV

5:30                 @*Seth Martin & Friends: Elk Hotel (Short Film)

  @*Lincoln County Massacre (Documentary Feature)

7:30                 Take One Tablet (Short)

  @*AI MEANS LOVE (Narrative Feature)

9:00                 Get Off My Porch (Narrative Short)

@The Deposition  (Narrative Feature)

11:00               @*Delirifacients  (Experimental Short)

 Year Of The Donkey (Horror Feature)

Saturday October 1

 Elk Theater

1:15                 Filmmakers Mix Tape Block

@*Can’t Stand Another Day

@Give Up The Fuzz 11:11

@Musicians Of Morocco 11:00

@Salute To Senator Byrd 3:41

@Rockstars 30:00

 2:30                 Student Block

@Memory Trail         5:05

@Doggone!  25:00

@The Devil & Tom Walker 13:12

3:30                 Shorts Block

                       @The Fun In Funeral 28:02

@Encounter Attack 5:00

                       @Cordially, Georgia O’Keeffe 7:00

@Everything’s For Sale 26:32

5:00                 Documentary Block


@*Pocahontas County Children: A Visual Diary

@Wonderment Puppet Theater

6:00               #The Fatboy Chronicles

8:00               WVFF Awards Ceremony

The Game

8:30              @#Memory Lane (Advance Screening)

Sunday October 2

1:00                 Filmmaker Of The Year Award – Landmark

2:00 Experimental Program

@*A Travel Guide To Pangaea

Flesh Rails

3:00              Butterfly Wings

4:00              Audience Choice Winner

5:00             #Closing Night Film: TBA


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