Experimental/Animation/Music Video

New for 2011:
The 2011 Experimental/Animation/Music Video category is sponsored by Exodus Effects Inc.

The Experimental/Animation/Music Video category has been created to recognize the following genres and mediums of films

    • Non narrative, experimental, video art or other avant-garde cinema projects.
    • digital, hand drawn, or stop motion animation
    • Short-form music videos.

In Competition:

Can’t Stand Another Day (2011) – WORLD PREMIERE

Director: Lisa Tignor
Music Performance Video for the metal band Grim Jack’s song “Can’t Stand Another Day”

Flesh Rails (2011) (4:28)

Director: Asha Tamirisa
Flesh Rails is a vibrant, pulsing, downtempo collection of sonic artifacts and pixelated bursts, armed by analogue synths and the excitement of a young heart.

Travel Guide to Pangea (2011) (30:00) – WORLD PREMIERE
Director: Rich Schmitt

An experimental film about trying to recreate a dream with original art, music and special effects.

Encounter Attack (2011) (5:00)
Director: Kenneth Tyner

An alien on a distant planet encounters an artificial life form


Creature from the Back-lit Room (2011)(4:35)

Director: Ken Tyner
Students are editing film projects when they take a break to discover a mysterious “Creature from the Back-lit Room” just beyond the restroom. Frantic at the sight of this creature, our hero runs for his life, hoping to evade the large-toothed and – clawed creature. What will become of our hero?

Delirifacients (2011) (8:36) – WORLD PREMIERE

Director: Justin Litton
A short film shot on black and white 16mm reversal film. Inspired by real events. And drugs.


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