Categories: Documentary Short

The Documentary Short is dedicated to nonfiction films under 40 minutes in length.

In Competition – Documentary Short

The Game (2010) (12:32)

Dir: Bob Tinnell
A man recounts his childhood football team and the lasting influence of his late coach.

Give Up The Fuzz (2011)(11:11)

Dir: Steven Schmidt
Pioneering member of the seminal funk//rock conglomerate P-Funk, Clarence “Fuzzy” Haskins recalls his journey as a “little ol’ country boy” from Mcdowell County West Virginia and beyond. This interview was captured in December 2009 during Haskins’ recognition at the West Virginia Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Musicians Of Morocco (2011) (11:52)

Dir: Robert Peak
The film takes the viewer on a musical journey through Morocco’s south, from the coastal walled city of Essaouira, to Sidi Ifni, where men living in caves while away their free time playing music, to the High Atlas town of Tafraoute, where music happens in basements,
markets and the middle of the wilderness. The journey exposes the daily existence of the people in the divergent regions by taking the viewer through the streets as the camera travels to each musical
encounter. Some of the musicians are professional, some play purely for their own gratification, but all manifest the rich musical and
cultural heritage of Morocco.

Portrait of Bombay (2010)(6:27)

Dir: Sandeep Sharma
A random encounter with a Bombay rickshaw driver reveals his world view.


Pocahontas County Children: A Visual Diary (2011) – WORLD PREMIERE – (24:55)

Dir: Justin Litton
This film was shot over the course of 28 hours by a handful of children (ages 4 to 8) using Flip cameras. The concept was to document the
Appalachian lifestyle. The filming followed a two-day workshop on basic filming techniques and the idea of “culture.”

Kenza (2010)(14:47)

Dir: Cyrus Paydar, Kenza Kadmiry
in 2009 18 Year old Filmmaker Kenza Kadmiry, was hit by a car and became a quadrapalygic. In 2010 her a group of her friends and fellow filmmakers Idyllwild Arts Academy began a project to help her make a film about her quest to walk again. Kenza is the uplifting story of friendship, endurance, and the persistence of the passion of one
filmmaker to tell her story.

Wonderment Puppet Theater (2009) (5:04)

Dir: Elliot Ryan
Puppeteer Joe Santoro has created the Martinsburg area’s first Puppet Thatre, where he performs shows with a seasonal theme, using a
variety of puppets that he has created. He designed the theater to
accomidate parents, grandparents and children looking for live
entertainment in a friendly setting. In this short documentary, he shows off his cast of puppet characters and performs for us.

Salute To Senator Byrd (2010) (3:41)

Dir: Katherine Ryan
A musical tribute to the late Senator Robert C. Byrd.


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