About the films: Narrative Short

Narrative Short

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Butterfly Wings (2010) (48 Min)

Dir: Sanjay Arora
Neha Bhatia, free –spirited and fun-loving who takes life for granted ends up a victim of a fatal accident, leaving her with a sever brain stem injury resulting in quadri-paralysis and comatose.

A Chrome Horse And a Diplomat (2011)(43:21)

Dir: Jason Smith
James journeys through the seedy underbellies of internet conspiracy and corporate corruption in hopes of achieving his ultimate dream: controlling the distribution of all information throughout the world.

Cordially, Georgia O’Keeffe (2009)(7:00)

Dir: Alan O’Hashi
During the summer of 1917 artist Georgia O’Keeffe and her sister, Claudia took a summer vacation from Canyon, Texas to Ward, Colorado. ordially, Georgia O’Keeffe juxtaposes images of her work with current digital video scenes and live action by Paige Berry as the young Georgia O’Keeffe.

Everything’s For Sale (2010) 26:32

Dir: Eric Haviv
A hardworking family man struggles to pay the price offered by a mysterious woman to pay off his crushing debt.

The Fun In Funeral (2009) (28:02)

Dir: Charles House
Tom and Joey,are two brothers who take the family undertaking business after their father commits suicide. Conrad Brooks (‘Plan 9 From Outer Space, ‘Glen Or glenda’) stars as Freddie Prinze, an unsavory loan shark who expects a return on their father’s $200,000 in gambling debts and Tom and Joey to find the dough fast.

Get Off My Porch (2010) (13:21)

Dir: Patrick Rea
A man is terrorized by Girl Scouts selling ‘delicious’ cookies.

Seth Martin & Friends: Elk Hotel (2011) (7:09) – WORLD PREMIERE

Dir: Ian Nolte
The gang of puppets are back again, this time without Seth Martin. They make a trip to the small town of Sutton, WV where they meet up with a creepy innkeeper.

Take One Tablet (2011) (3:25)

Dir: David Smith
When a guy recently diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) discovers he only has a few pills left of his medication, he struggles with what to do.


The Devil & Tom Walker (2009) 13:12

Dir: Devon Nuckles
The Devil and Tom Walker is a short film based off the original short story by Washington Irving. The Film follows Tom Walker (Brian Roller) as he is transformed form money hungry redneck to corrupted banker. Of course none of this is possible without the help of Ol’ Scratch (Kevin Michael Pauley). This film addresses greed, and religious hypocrisy.

Doggone! (2011) (25:00)

Dir: Jan Bezouska
“Doggone” is a short fictional narrative film which follows a colorful cast of guests that congregate every year at a Halloween party hosted by the Daniel’s family. Much like a deck of cards face down on a gambling table their turbulent lives involving alcoholism, infidelity, and unexplained tragedies are exposed when each card is turned “face up” to show their reality.

Memory Trail (2011) 5:05

Some people think teenagers have it easy. This is not the case for John (Jacob Schedl). He has lived through many of life’s great tragedy’s along with his sister Rachel (Katie Shaver), and friends Jane (Mandy Harper) and Calvin (Nick Ingram).

Rockstars: The Pete Weaver Experience (2010) (24:11)

Dir: Laura Holliday
Pete Weaver wants one thing in life and one thing only: to become a wildly rich and famous rock star. However, the odds are against him as he is stuck working in his dad’s auto-shop where the only thing that breaks the monotony is playing his ukulele, and chatting up the paper-delivery girl. But when a publicity stunt sends an iconic pop star to Pete’s hometown, and car trouble lands him in the garage, Pete gets the chance to prove himself as a musician to more than one skeptical audience.

To The Ground (2011) 5:05

Dir: Quentin Acord
Two former lovers quarrel takes a turn for the worse as tensions and emotions run high.


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