About the Categories: Narrative Feature

The 2011 Narrative Feature Category is Sponsored by Gen11 Studios


AI Means Love (2011) (99:06) – WORLD PREMIERE
Dir: Mie Smith

Two families in a small town in West Virginia own businesses next to each other. Mr. Hayashi, a former samurai movie actor, has a hard time introducing Japanese culture through his video business. Greg and Julie Marshall run a Christian bookstore, but are having a hard time in a depressed economy. As cultures collide, comedy ensues.

The Deposition: (2011) (80:00)
Dir: Edward Mensore

When a man accidentally causes a car wreck that kills his former lover, his life is derailed and his mind is splintered with guilt and the subsequent uncertainty about what exactly happened. Now, a shell of his former self, he must piece together his identity, escape the harsh judgment of the community, and reconcile conflicting court testimonies of others involved in the events that lead to that tragic night.

Year Of The Donkey (2009) (68:47)
Dir: Kevin Rhoades

Four girls settle into a remote cabin in the woods for a weekend getaway. Add three guys accidentally booked for the same weekend, an ax carrying caretaker and a fetish Donkey Mask, and there’s bound to be a little excitement.


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